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Welcome to BetterSelf Summer Camp

BetterSelf Summer Camp is dedicated to helping young men become positive, productive producers in tomorrow's world. Our focus on the 3 Ps - positivity, productivity, and production - ensures that our campers leave with the skills and mindset needed to succeed. With a supportive environment that includes individual and group therapy sessions, we help campers develop the tools to overcome challenges and become their best selves.

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Our Approach to Personal Growth

At BetterSelf Summer Camp, we believe that personal growth begins with positivity, productivity, and becoming a producer in tomorrow's world. Our young men receive one hour of talk therapy per week and participate in a group therapy class for all four weeks of summer. Through our unique combination of therapy and experiential learning, we help our campers develop the skills and mindset they need to become their best selves.

Our Programs

At BetterSelf Summer Camp, we offer a range of programs designed to help our campers build confidence, develop social skills, and learn new things. Our programs include sports, arts and crafts, team-building activities, and more. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of every camper, ensuring that they get the most out of their summer experience. We also offer special programs for campers who may need extra support or have unique needs.

About BetterSelf Summer Camp

BetterSelf Summer Camp is a four-week program that focuses on the 3 Ps - personal growth, productivity and positivity. Our campers participate in daily activities, therapy and community building to become their better selves.

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